My work uses a variety of media ranging from graphite to digital, and focuses on naturalistic figurative illustrations with intricate designs that are sometimes monochromatic and sometimes feature pop-color contrast. I use magical supernatural fantasy elements that intertwine with rough character styles to convey meaningful and emotional contrasting points of view on humanity and life.

The work I create sometimes carries a portion of my hardships, but in a melancholy manner. They may illustrate a lonesome figure, with a supernatural element that pulls the image together. The overall vision that emanates from my work is meant for people to see within themselves and reflect as humans and creatures that interact with others, and the pains we inflict upon ourselves.The reaction i hope to gain from my viewer is a sense of nostalgia or being able to relate to others in an emotional manner. Throughout my growth as an artist my work has kept the emotional subject matter of soft pain and figuratism. My sources of inspiration mostly come from the music I listen to. The words to a song, or a musical climax of a symphony make me see life and the people I interact with through a different perspective. The artists who influence me are from a rising pop-culture that started in Japan, though it is looked at as something to be frowned upon, to me it’s a world in which the creator can portray life in different aspects. This technique is important to me because it reflects my interest in an alternate life, or different dimension were fantasy is reality.  

The art I create illustrates naturalistic figuratism in magical supernatural fantasy themes, which reflect my view on life. With monochromatic or pop-color contrast intertwined with meaningful and emotional manners of self awareness and nostalgia.